Big Cameron Cay in the Turks and Caicos Big Cameron Cay in the shallow and clear water of the Caicos Banks.
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Big Cameron Cay

Turks and Caicos
The northern side of Big Cameron Cay
Big Cameron Cay is a mangrove and wetland island near East Caicos in the Turks and Caicos.

Big Cameron Cay is an uninhabited wetland island found in the very shallow sound located between East Caicos and Hog Cay. Like its counterpart Little Cameron Cay, the island rises very little above the surrounding water, and much of the vegetation supported is red mangrove, black mangrove, and other salt-resistant coastal plants. A few very small chip sand beaches can be found on the windward coasts of the cay, yet offer very little space.

The collective area of Big Cameron Cay is about 12.5 acres (5 hectares). There’s not much to see on the cay, beyond an interesting mix of coastal and dry tropical forest birdlife. Sightings may include warblers, banaquits, doves, stilts, sanderlings, plovers, and green herons.

Due to the extensive shallows found off the southern coasts of East Caicos and Hog Cay, access to Big Cameron Cay via boat will be difficult or impossible for all but the shallowest draft vessels.


The shallows and sounds near East Caicos and South Caicos are the primary destination for bonefishing charters operating from South Caicos, and the occasional airboat or flats fishing boat is typically the only visitors to the area.