Cockburn Town, Grand Turk.

Grand Turk Visitor Information

Since 1766, Grand Turk has been the capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Originally founded by Bermudian salt collectors in 1681, the island still retains this heritage through its colonial style buildings. Donkeys and horses, once the only means of transportation, now roam freely in the wild.

Grand Turk is also home to the only lighthouse in the country. Found on the cliffs overlooking the treacherous North Reef, it was built in 1852 and prefabricated in England.

Many beautiful white sand beaches are on Grand Turk, including the excellent Governor’s Beach, English Point, and Cockburn Town Beach with the backdrop of the nation’s capital.

Along the oceanfront Front Street and Duke Street, many old scenic buildings and villas stand, many with interesting histories. In the center of the island, the salinas and dividing walls from the old salt industry can still be seen today.

Found in the old part of Cockburn Town on Front Street, the National Museum is the best place in the country to get an insight into the history of the Turks and Caicos. Among the treasures here are Lucayan objects that are over 1000 years old and artifacts from the historic 1513 Molasses Reef wreck, the oldest excavated European ship remains in the Western Hemisphere.

The popular Grand Turk Cruise Center sees hundreds of thousands of guests every year and serves several ocean liners weekly. Here, a lagoon-like pool and the largest Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville in the Caribbean await you.

Interested in seeing whales, turtles, fish and sharks? The 7,000 foot submarine drop-off found close to the west coast of Grand Turk has some of the world's best wall diving. Unlike other destinations, it’s only a two minute boat ride out to the island’s best dive sites.

Visiting the little pristine Gibbs Cay is another top attraction in the Turks and Caicos. Here, tame and friendly stingrays of all sizes flock to the boats that visit the area and freely interact with people. With clear water, white sand and rolling hills with sea oats, Gibbs Cay is the perfect small tropical island.


Grand Turk has more history than any other island in the country and is also home to the National Museum.

Getting Here

Most visitors arrive via cruise ship, but Grand Turk also has domestic flights from Providenciales.

What to Do

Grand Turk is the politicial and historical capital of the country and there are several sights to see. You can also rent dune buggies or ride horses on the beach.


Maps of Grand Turk, along with printable versions are available here.

Where to Stay

Grand Turk has several hotels, guest houses, and villas. Many are located on the beach, but the quality of the beaches vary. Find out where to stay here.

Where to Eat

Grand Turk has many restaurants, with most located right in Cockburn Town. Find out where to eat here.

Getting Around

The Cruise Center operates a hop-on, hop-off bus, but there isn't any other public transport. You can rent a car or cycle, but walking isn't recommended due to the heat.

Where to Shop

Grand Turk has some of the better souvenir style shopping, both at Front Street and the cruise center. Find out shopping locations and what to buy here.

Other Things

Find out more about cruises, or get a directory of all local businesses here, including phone numbers and web addresses.

Holidays and Events

Find out when holidays are and what's happening while you're here.
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