The beautiful reefs of Providenciales.

Providenciales Snuba

A school of French grunt fish on the reef.

SNUBA is a relatively recent water sports and can be an interesting method to experience the reefs and marine life of Providenciales. This system is a sort of a cross between snorkelling and regular scuba diving, and can be enjoyed easily by inexperienced divers and snorkellers after a brief introductory lesson.

The System

SNUBA works by connecting the diver by air-line to tanks on the surface. All the heavy gear floats on a small raft that follows on the surface, allowing the diver to move about and explore down to about 20 feet. As with diving, a weight belt is used to control buoyancy.

The main advantage SUNBA has over conventional SCUBA diving is ease of learning: it takes coursework and several days of instruction to become a PADI certified Open Water Diver, versus a half hour for SUNBA.

Children must be a minimum of eight years old to dive.


At this time, SUNBA is only offered at the Bight Reef.

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