Rent A Ski is on the beautiful Sapodilla Bay Beach.

Rent A Ski Sapodilla Bay, Providenciales

Rent A Ski is located on the tranquil Sapodilla Bay Beach near Chalk Sound and offers guided jet ski tours, jet ski rentals, and stand up paddle board rentals. Discover the west coast of Providenciales, including Taylor Bay, West Harbour Bluff, and Turtle Rock.
Rent A Ski maintains a fleet of Sea-Doo watercraft.

Map & Location

Located in Sapodilla Bay

The scenic and sheltered Sapodilla Bay Beach is found near Chalk Sound on Providenciales. Like Taylor Bay, the water here is shallow, calm and typically a little warmer than at the other beaches. One of the smaller beaches on the island, Taylor Bay can get a bit crowded. More about Sapodilla Bay →

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