Five Cays Water Sports offer jet ski rentals and tours.
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Five Cays Water Sports Omar's Restaurant, Five Cays Beach, Providenciales

Five Cays Water Sports maintains a new and reliable fleet of jet skis.

Five Cays Water Sports is a small family owned jet ski and beach equipment rental and tour company, based on the beach at beautiful Five Cays. Their speciality is guided jet ski tours to the many interesting and exquisite locations on the south coast of Providenciales.

Five Cays Water Sports has their office in the same complex as popular Omar’s Beach Hut restaurant, which is a convenient place to grab a bite or a drink after your adventure on the water. Complimentary accommodation pick up and drop off service is provided for guests.

Jet Ski Tours

The south side of Providenciales is a spectacular place to explore by jet ski, and there ample places to visit to occupy even the longest tours. Things to see include some great places to stop at and explore, such as the destinations shown below, and sights that you’ll pass, which may include some very impressive villas (possibly even the mansion once owned by Prince), the South Dock port, and shipwrecks.

Five Cays Water Sports also offers tubing and other wake rides, which can be done right off the beach.

Taylor Bay and Sapodilla Bay Beach

These two small and sheltered beaches of Taylor Bay and Sapodilla Bay are fun places to visit. Sapodilla Bay has unfortunately become crowded and a bit hectic, yet Taylor Bay is often largely secluded. On most days, the water is so calm, you’ll be able to simply pull the waverunners right up to the beach.

Bay Cay

Bay Cay is a small and uninhabited rock island near Five Cays, and supports a number of friendly Turks and Caicos Islands rock iguanas, who’ll run up to see who is visiting their cay! There’s also a small hidden beach, and low cliffs line much of the coastline.

West Harbour Bluff

jet skis and small cave in the Turks and Caicos
The small cave at West Harbour Bluff. Most jet ski tours visit this beautiful area.

The remote West Harbour Bluff is one of the best natural attractions on Providenciales, and offers several interesting and beautiful features. There's a small cave, the highest ocean cliffs on Providenciales, old rock carvings, a beautiful beach, and plenty of wildlife to watch.

La Famille Express

The iconic La Famille Express shipwreck off Long Bay Beach is one of the most popular places to visit on the south side of Providenciales by both boat charter and jet ski.

This small freighter originated as a Soviet vessel, and had a tough life as an oil rig service ship and cargo vessel. It became grounded in the very shallow water in the Caicos Banks during Hurricane Frances in 2004, when it dragged its anchor for 12 miles from South Dock.

Turtle Rock

The fascinating Turtle Rock may be a stop on the calmer days, and is a spectacular place to snorkel. This was once a tall rock, which split some time long ago. There’s now a narrow passage between the two halves, which is home to fish, crabs, lobsters, and sea sponges. It’s a great place to explore for an hour.

Beach Rentals

Five Cays Water Sports also offers beach chair, umbrella, float, and ocean trampoline rentals. There are a few different variants of inflatables to choose from, including a large multi person lounger (perfect if you’re simply looking to relax), and a trampoline with slide, which is great for kids.

Map & Location

Located in Five Cays Beach

Fronting one of the three original settlements on Providenciales, the expansive bay here supports a long beach with shallow water. Abandoned dead conch shells and the occasional piece of junk equipment detract from what would otherwise be a decent beach. More about Five Cays Beach →