Turks Islands Landfall book Turks Islands Landfall, an in-depth Turks and Caicos history book.
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Turks Islands Landfall Providenciales

Turks Islands Landfall
The hardbound second edition of Turks Islands Landfall.

Turks Islands Landfall is the comprehensive history book on the Turks and Caicos, and was written over many decades by Herbert ‘Bertie’ Sadler, who moved to the islands in 1947 to work in the Government. An amateur historian, over the years his work evolved into an in-depth look at our archipelago’s history, culture, and economics. In 2020, Bertie’s daughter Marjorie released a hardbound second edition, with expanded content and better pictures. It’s difficult to find a better Turks and Caicos souvenir or gift than Turks Island Landfall.

Turks Island Landfall can be found at some book stores and gift shops in the Turks and Caicos, and can easily be purchased online via the book’s website. The work is approximately 430 pages, with hundreds of illustrations, maps, and photographs.