Concierge at MRVL Spa MRVL Spa is a leading spa in the Turks and Caicos, and offers a full range of conventional and state-of-the-art beauty and wellness treatments.
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One Season Plaza, Grace Bay Road, Grace Bay, Providenciales
MRVL Spa foyer
MRVL Spa, located at Grace Bay, Providenciales.

MRVL Spa is a new state-of-the-art wellness center on Providenciales, offering a range of traditional spa treatments, more advanced therapies, and the spa’s own line of luxury skincare products.

Located at the One Season Plaza in the heart of Grace Bay, MRVL Spa offers a separate retail space as well as the spa, where visitors can find luxury Italian linens, handmade jewelry, and MRVL’s skincare products containing Blue Scorpion Peptide—the company’s signature skincare ingredient used to smooth and firm skin.

Treatments and Services

At MRVL Spa, clients will find an extensive menu of treatments. For those who prefer a more traditional spa experience, there are the standard treatments such as hot stone massage, as well as the classic manicure and pedicure. But clients can also upgrade each of those services to include a Blue Scorpion Peptide treatment.

For clients interested in getting a massage, MRVL’s massage menu includes a variety of options including a personalized massage tailored to your individual needs. There’s also MRVL’s signature massage, which uses pure hemp cannabis oil infused with lemongrass essential oil. To experience MRVL’s Blue Scorpion Peptide, clients can choose from several therapies including the Signature Radiant Body Renewal—90 minutes that includes a body polish and massage, with oils blended with Blue Scorpion Peptide used throughout the treatment.

Skincare services at MRVL Spa in the Turks and Caicos
MRVL Spa provides a full range of skincare and anti-aging treatments.

Meanwhile, if you’ve spent too much time in the sun, you can indulge in the spa’s Sun Rejuvenating Body Wrap—a treatment designed specifically to hydrate sunburned skin. If you want to give your feet a treat, there’s the 30-minute Signature Blue Scorpion Foot Bath Ritual, which includes a citrus foot bath followed by a foot scrub using natural salt from the local island of Salt Cay. The foot bath includes a foot and calf massage using Blue Scorpion Peptide and finishes with a foot mask.

As for facial treatments, MRVL Spa offers a variety of options for clients to choose from, including the 60-minute MRVL Signature Legendary Blue Scorpion Hydrabeauty Facial that includes a Blue Scorpion Peptide treatment as well as LED therapy. There’s also the MRVL Diamond Microdermabrasion Therapy, which exfoliates the skin using Diamond Microdermabrasion technology.

Wellness Therapies

Beyond its use of Blue Scorpion Peptide—which is the venom of blue scorpions, found only in the Caribbean and offered exclusively at MRVL Spa—the spa offers a menu of advanced wellness therapies not traditionally found in Turks and Caicos spas.

These therapies include cryotherapy, which is the use of extremely cold temperatures to remove abnormal skin tissues. Cryotherapy can also help with muscle pain and tension. Clients can opt for either full-body cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy, or add a cryotherapy session to one of their facial treatments.

MRVL Blue Scorpion Peptide  skincare products in the Turks and Caicos
Blue Scorpion Peptide skincare products from MRVL.

MRVL Spa also offers infrared sauna therapy, which uses heat to increase blood circulation, stimulate the sweat glands, and release toxins in the body.

Other therapies offered include hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment. Oxygen therapy is usually used for decompression sickness (in particular with scuba diving), but it can also be used to help the body fight bacteria and support one’s immune system. The spa recommends this therapy in particular for immune support while traveling.

Finally, there’s IV therapy. This particular service provides essential nutrients to clients directly into the bloodstream via an IV drip, bypassing the digestive system that normally lowers the amount of vitamins a body can absorb. With the ability to absorb 100% of the nutrients it needs, IV therapy can replenish certain nutrient deficiencies, increase energy levels, and promote better cardiovascular health.

After their service, clients can browse the spa’s luxury skincare line, MRVL Skin Solutions. MRVL’s skincare products are all infused with their signature ingredient Blue Scorpion Peptide and are designed to restore damaged skin by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, and giving skin a firmer, more youthful appearance. The skincare line includes a night cream, eye cream, a skin-firming serum, and more. These products are available exclusively at the spa and online.

If you’re visiting Turks and Caicos and would prefer a spa treatment in the comfort of your villa or hotel room, MRVL Spa also offers a mobile service in which a specialist will come to you to perform your preferred service. Services included in the Mobile MRVL Spa Package include massages, facials, and IV therapy.

Whether you’re looking for a simple treatment such as a classic manicure, you’d like to treat yourself to a full spa day that includes one of the spa’s advanced therapies, or you’re searching for a new skincare product to add to your daily routine, there’s something for everyone at MRVL Spa.

Located at One Season Plaza

One Season is a small and elegant shopping and dining plaza located in the heart of Grace Bay. The plaza is home to the Terrace restaurant and several small boutiques and professional offices.