Luxury villas on Long Bay Beach on Providenciales.

Turks and Caicos Amazing Beachfront Villas

Villa Beach Kandi in the Turks and Caicos.

The Turks and Caicos is rapidly becoming one of the top vacation villa destinations in the Caribbean, and there’s an incredible selection of beachfront and oceanfront rentals to choose from.

Spectacular beaches are a defining feature of the Turks and Caicos, and many vacation rentals are located on the smaller yet beautiful beaches hidden around Providenciales, including Taylor Bay, Sapodilla Bay, Turtle Tail, Smith’s Reef, and Long Bay.

The luxury villas in the Turks and Caicos range in size from single bed cottages, to opulent mansions with more than ten bedrooms. This page isn’t simply the most expensive rentals in the Turks and Caicos, but offers a range of villas of every size, on a great selection of coasts.

La Koubba Villa at Sapodilla Bay in Chalk Sound.

La Koubba

This elegant Moroccan-style villa is located on the calm Sapodilla Bay Beach near Chalk Sound on Providenciales. Included is an impressive range of amenities, including seven bedrooms, an expansive living room, a pool, water sports equipment, and lush grounds.

Sapodilla Bay Beach offers some of the calmest water on Providenciales, and a shallow depth going out for quite a distance.

Villa Paprika at Turtle Cove, Providenciales.

Beach Villa Paprika

Beach Villa Paprika is an elegant 5 bedroom estate on the beach in Turtle Cove on Providenciales. This retreat is perfect for families and those looking for a quiet and comfortable place to relax at. Everything you’d want is onsite, including a pool, indoor and outdoor living and dining spaces, great snorkelling off the beach, and a great collection of kitchen and household amenities.

Nearby Turtle Cove Marina is home to many restaurants, charter companies, and shops.

Serenity House on the Bight Beach.

Serenity House

Serenity House is a smaller villa hidden on a quiet lane on the Bight Beach and near Turtle Cove. The beach here offers white sand and turquoise water, and there’s great snorkelling nearby as well.

Onsite are six bedrooms, a comfortable living space, a heated pool, and tranquillity. Serenity House is located in a central yet quiet location. The enclave of Turtle Cove is only a minute away by car, and central Grace Bay is 5 minutes away.

Beach Kandi Villa at Smith's Reef.

Beach Kandi

Beach Kandi is a contemporary Caribbean 2 bedroom retreat on the tranquil Smith’s Reef beach. Amenities include exquisite furnishings, a heated pool, and exceptional views.

Smith’s Reef is one of the finest beach snorkelling sites on Providenciales, and features vibrant coral and a menagerie of fish and ocean life. The best section of this complex reef system fronts Beach Kandi.

Villa Oceana at Sapodilla Bay Beach near Chalk Sound National Park.

Villa Oceana

Villa Oceana is located on the calm waters of Sapodilla Bay Beach near Chalk Sound National Park. This 4 bedroom vacation rental combines perfect access to the beach with a comfortable setting.

Amenities include a pool, indoor and outdoor dining, shaded loungers at the beach, BBQ, and air conditioning.

Outdoor dining at Five Little Cays villa.

Five Little Cays

Five Little Cays isn’t quite as extensive as some of the other beachfront villas, yet it offers a private beach and a perfect blend of amenities. The villa features spacious indoor and outdoor living spaces, a pool, BBQ, kayaks, and a shaded palapa at the beach.

Five Little Cays is located in the upscale and quiet residential region of Turtle Tail. This coastal area combines low limestone cliffs with the occasional small beach, many of which are only accessible via a private villa. This vacation home is one of only a few such accommodations that can boast of such a beach.

Villa Tropidero at Turtle Tail Beach.

Villa Tropidero

Villa Tropidero is a 3 bedroom rental located on a private beach at Turtle Tail on Providenciales. This retreat isn’t the largest villa, yet it offers a great range of features and amenities, including a great beachfront location, a pool, ocean kayaks, perfect lounging spots near the water, a BBQ grill, outdoor dining space, and the complementary eastern trade winds breeze.

Villa Shambhala on Long Bay.

Villa Shambhala

This elegant 5 bedroom villa superbly-located on an amazing stretch of Long Bay Beach, in a quiet upscale neighbourhood on Providenciales.

Villa Shambhala is a gated property with a perfect complement of amenities, including spacious indoor and outdoor living spaces, a pool, ocean kayaks, a media room, and hot tub.

Blue Heaven Villa on the tranquil Sapodilla Bay.

Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven Villa is located Sapodilla Bay Beach, which has the reputation of being one of the calmest beaches in the Turks and Caicos. This 5 bedroom retreat features a pool, BBQ, kayaks, paddle boards, an open indoor and outdoor living space, and a rooftop deck that offers amazing sunset vistas.

Coral House on Grace Bay Beach and Leeward Beach.

Coral House

Coral House is one of the few villas that’s actually located on Grace Bay Beach, and is found on the eastern side of the famous coast near Leeward. This beautiful 12,000 square foot villa features 5 bedrooms, a tranquil coconut grove, a pool, and everything else you’d want for a luxurious stay.

The exquisite Leeward Beach begins directly to the east of Coral House and offers tranquillity, soft white sand and vibrant turquoise water.

Villa Mani in Turtle Tail was once owned by Prince.

Villa Mani

Villa Mani is directly adjacent to the villa that was famously owned by the iconic performer Prince, and is one of the largest mansions in the Turks and Caicos. This incredible complex is located in the Turtle Tail region of Providenciales, and has its own beach, eight bedrooms, unparalleled vistas, a marina, pools, and much more.

The coastal Turtle Tail area of Providenciales is a bit rockier than other locations on the island, yet many secluded little beaches are nestled between low cliffs.

This incredible complex rightly also boasts of one of the most complete list of amenities. Including butler, chef and housekeeping service, SUV transport, jet skis, and more.

Emerald Cay Estate at Silly Creek on Providenciales.

Emerald Cay Estate

The expansive Emerald Cay estate is located in the scenic Chalk Sound and area of Providenciales, and at the end of the Silly Creek peninsula. The complex surrounds a small lagoon with tiny islands, and also has a private beach on its north coast.

Aqueous Villa at Sunset Beach Villas near Leeward Beach.

Villas near the Beach

Another option are the many exquisite villas in the Turks and Caicos that are within easy walking distance of the beach. Beautiful and well-furnished vacation rentals that are within an easy walk of the beach often have lower rental rates to otherwise equivalent beachfront villas.

Many of these villas are near some of the best beaches in the Turks and Caicos, including Grace Bay, Leeward Beach, Long Bay, Sapodilla Bay, and the Bight Beach.

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