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The view of Dragon Island from the cliffs of Mudjin Harbour.

Dragon Island

Dragon Island at Mudjin Harbour Beach, Middle Caicos.

Found about 200 feet (70 meters) off the main beach at Mudjin Harbour on Middle Caicos, Dragon Island is a tiny rock isle with no vegetation. At low tide, an exposed sandbar connects the cay to the main beach.

The centrepiece to many Mudjin Harbour photos, the outline of this rock resembles a dragon, with its head pointing east. A little beach, protected and overshadowed by the island, can be found on the interior side of the cay.

Ironshore limestone rock at Dragon Island.

The snorkelling around Dragon Island is excellent when the ocean is calm.


Much of the rock on this cay is razor-sharp limestone ironshore rock. Great care should be taken when climbing as a slip or fall can result in serious injuries. Due to being located on the edge of the Caicos Islands underwater plateau and very close to deep ocean water, there can be a high ocean swell breaking at Mudjin Harbour at times (which is very powerful). Beware of unpredictable wash or spray from waves.

Also due to the ocean swell, there can be a powerful wave wash over the sandbar to the cay. If the waves are large, we recommend not venturing out.

Map & Location