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The Market at Blue Haven
Providenciales • Grocery Store, Café
This on-site grocery store and cafe sells a range of produce, cheeses, wine, beer and other products. It's located at the Blue Haven Resort and Marina in Leeward.
Al's Grocery
North Caicos • Grocery Store
Found near Bottle Creek Village, Al's Grocery stocks groceries, dry goods, frozen foods, cold drinks and general supplies.
Salt Cay • Grocery Store, Variety Store
This small variety and dry goods shop is located in the South District of Salt Cay. Cold drinks and snacks can be found here.
Graceway IGA
Providenciales • Supermarket, Liquor Store...
Providenciales largest and supermarket. Located on Leeward Highway.
Island Shop
Salt Cay • Grocery Store, Variety Store
Local variety store, centrally located and open all day.
Price Club Supermarket
Providenciales • Supermarket
Located on Leeward Highway, Price Club sells dry goods and wholesale food products.
Super Value Supermarket
South Caicos • Supermarket
Tee's Grocery
North Caicos • Grocery Store
Conveniently located on King's Road near Bottle Creek village, Tee’s Grocery offers general food supplies and cold drinks.
Cham-B Groceries
South Caicos • Grocery Store
Found in central Cockburn Harbour near the main ferry dock, this little grocery store offers one of the largest selections of supplies on the island. Although mainly stocking dry goods, there is a small selection of fresh produce, dairy, and meats available. One of the best places on the island for purchasing cold drinks or snacks.
Cham-B Wholesale
South Caicos • Grocery Store, Wholesale
One of the Cham-B Enterprise businesses, this wholesale retailer doesn’t always keep regular hours. If closed, inquire at the adjacent Cham-B Grocery shop.
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